Tiffin Services in Pune : Separating the Best from the Rest
Tiffin Services in Pune : Separating the Best from the Rest

Tiffin Services in Pune : Separating the Best from the Rest

Tiffin services in Pune are a dime a dozen, but Green Soul Kitchens has stood up to the conventional  norms and stood out too, proudly.

After a wearisome and long day, one wants to come home to a scrumptious, mouth – watering meal which tastes like it was home – made just for you. Alas, Traditional tiffin services have provided an altogether different scenario by offering little besides the routine, watered – down, bland curries paired with chewy rotis. Everyone wants to experience a reliable tiffin delivery service which suits their pockets, serves their health and pleases their taste buds.

Well, Fret no more, Pune’s best meal servers are right here in Kothrud to rescue you with its flavoursome and palatable menu!

Green Soul Kitchens is a tiffin service which not only adheres to its name but infuses every morsel of food with it. That’s right, We’re Green in our soul and Green for you!

When you’re thinking of us, Think Fresh, Healthy, Delicious and Wholesome.

We’re less of a tiffin service, and more of your much craved Ghar ka khana!

A state of the art kitchen fully – equipped with everything that our culinary wizards need in order to whip up delectable dishes for you.

Our mission for you is to consume wholesome food just the way you consume wholesome content! We have a number of wholesome meal plans custom crafted to serve the needs of each and everyone who craves a good, homemade meal.

Busting the Myth : Healthy food isn’t tasty!


There’s a widespread misconception that a dish that pleases the tongue can’t please the body. Well, Eating is a delight and yet this myth makes good food sound like it’s absolutely tasteless and an essential dread. Non – processed and home cooked meals are the best food one can consume and it’s not dreadful – tasting at all!

Whoever believes this myth, simply hasn’t tried our service yet! Our food is prepared with extreme care and hygienic prepping. We pick out fresh produce for our vegetarian customers and cleanly sourced meat for our non – vegetarian customers. What’s more, we even cater to the Jain crowd. We love all kinds of food – lovers here,  Green Soul Kitchens is for everyone in Pune! These clean and nutritious ingredients are then cooked in healthy oil and assorted with the best quality spices available. Our vegetables are delectably delicious and our curries are thick, creamy and happiness – inducing. Don’t worry, We’ve got the side – dish covered too! An assortment of salads, curds and sweets await you, with an option to choose between them or served interchangeably –  A delicious surprise.

We give you a rich, finger –  licking experience without robbing you of your extremely important health. Our meal is as healthy as it is tasty. But, do you know what the best part is?

Our cooking tastes and feels like home. We are the Ghar ka Dal Chawal, the Roti Sabzi and the Mithai that you’ve been looking for!

Homemade Food and Variety :

A Deadly Combo!

Repetition and the same taste in eatables is a major problem, right? Tiffins conjure an image of unpalatable, same – tasting food but Diversity is important! At least that’s the spirit which is followed while cooking at Green Soul Kitchens!

We’ve divided our meals into four kinds of yummy care packages for you, all happy ones!

  1. Happy Meal
  2. Happy Medium Meal
  3. Happy Mini Meal
  4. Nano Meal

Look at the name itself – Happy meals! Well, but not the unhealthy burger, deep – fried kind..The truly happy one with veggies and healthy food which is nourishment for the body and the soul. Green Soul Kitchens stays true to its name in the heart of Pune – We’re happy and healthy!

All the nutritional goodness packaged into different meals, all portion sizes are just the right amount. You see, We’re more than just the best  meals in Pune, we’re an entire nutritional support system. Transparency, Taste and Tiffin – Don’t you think these words should always go together?

We’ve said it all. All that’s left for you to do is pick up the phone or log onto our website and make the best eating decision you’ll ever make.

Any guess what we’re talking about?

Green Soul Kitchens is here to serve you, time to give us a chance.

Order from us today and know what a good, healthy diet is.

Your turn now. Ready to take a leap of faith?

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