What does the food tastes like? What is the cuisine and Menu?

The food cuisine and taste is neutral Indian food taste like home; we take special care to make it less oily and healthier. Wetake Pre-orders only, so limited food is made as per the requirement.Hence less wastage no left-over food and fresh meals everyday!

We have different menu every day. Menu is updated daily / weekly on the website.

Where do we deliver?

We have started delivering in Most of the areas in Pune. If we are not yet delivering at your area in Pune don’t worry, give us some time,we are growing steadily and we shall soon start deliveries in your area as well. Bulk orders can be delivered across Pune.

The containers/meal-trays delivered are microwave safe?

Yes,the containers and meal-trays that we send are of food-grade quality.They are microwave safe for heating up to one minute for one time only. So enjoy your meals warm and delicious.

How it works?

Select the location where you want the lunch-box to be delivered from the list of our delivery areas. Select the Meal plan and duration plan.Register with your mobile number, your mobile number will be your login id. Choose the payment mode and your order will be placed. Once the order is successfully placed and confirmed, we shall soon start delivering to you. We recommend you to first create an account and then start browsing meal plans, to save yourself from going back-and-forth for placing final order.

How does Royal Lunch/Party Order/Bulk Order work?

For Royal Lunch, Party orders, Snack Box orders, corporate orders and other Bulk orders, please call us at +91-7507043043 at-least two days in advance. We can explain you everything in detail.

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